MEE6 MEE6 is a Discord bot that keeps your community engaged and safe with fun and moderation! Greetings (with style ) - Say welcome, goodbye to your members with a custom text, image or both ! ich Stelle euch heute den Mee6 Bot für Discord vor. Miki, a bot for Discord with the view to make chatting more appealing through gamification and utility! View Add Bot Upvote. 1. Add to Discord Login. Daher gibt es allerlei Bots, um einen Discord-Server […] Combines features from Dyno, MEE6, and other bots. The best bot to build and grow your Discord server - with moderation, leveling, free music and much more! Installiert bzw. Moderation. lvl mee6import!lvl mee6import: Since the bot uses the same xp curve as mee6 you can import your existing mee6 config. | 138,306 members Neben der Moderation können auch die Integrationen von Twitch und YouTube genutzt werden. Backups are bind to your account and can be loaded on any … A powerful multi-function and configurable bot. One single bot to chat, lookup anime & manga, play music, get cute animal pics, get boorus and nuke codes (LOL). Meet Circle The easiest way to bring moderation, logging, reaction roles, and more to your community. Adding the Clear Chat Bot. Used in thousands of servers as their main bot! !lvl unbl #bot-abuse "bot abuser" Undoes what !lvl bl does. OFFLINE. MEE6 is a fun, feature packed, and fantastic Discord bot that aims to connect people to the communities they love on Discord, that is currently in over 3.4 Million servers across the platform. Carl-bot is a fully customizable and modular discord bot featuring reaction roles, automod, logging, custom commands and much more. I even gave it the admin role, does anyone know how to properly use this bot? The message won't be deleted and the bot will not do anything with reactions on that message. - Spread your creativity by customizing colors, background and more With web configuration, moderation, anti-spam, auto roles, music, custom commands, and much more! You can dynamically browse through our different command categories and share custom links! Returns the current daily undaunted pledges. PenguBot is a multi-purpose and high quality discord bot for your Discord Server. Authorize MEE6 in the popup menu, you may need to log in to Discord. We are adding new commands pretty regularly, and we’d love to get your feedback and ideas. Dashboard Invite Commands Documentation Premium. Invite. Add Eli to your server. Dyno is a feature-rich and modular discord bot for your Discord server. Give roles upon reactions! A multi purpose Discord bot that is actually useful. FEATURES. "Botisimo was a perfect fit, being a cloud based chat bot that could operate simultaneous in multiple platforms to help with moderations, custom commands and timers. UnbelievaBoat is a Discord Bot featuring money/economy/currency customisable per server, casino games, store items, moderation, fun commands, and much more! Here are the most useful chat commands and bots for Discord. I try to type !clear 45, but it will not delete the messages. BattleBanana has a bunch of commands (with more on the way) that you can use! MEE6 bietet eine Vielzahl von Features an. Better yet, you can add bots to your Discord server to get even more functionality out of your server. Enhance your sexual experiences with Hentai! Herzlich Willkommen, zu einem neuen Video von mir. Leveling, xp, ranks, voice, role rewards, auto mod, reaction roles and Youtube alerts. pledges or patch notes). Select the server you wish to add the bot … Eigene Befehle, YouTube, Twitch und vieles mehr. Like the IRC chat of old, Discord comes with a set of slash commands that you can use to express yourself or do useful things like search for GIFs or read text aloud. 67 Upvotes this month. Commands for The Dwemer Automaton Discord Bot!tda. Eli has simple yet powerful moderation commands to keep your server in check while not giving your staff too much power. Features ranging but not limited to Music, Moderation, AI powered Auto Moderation, Auto Roles, Custom Commands, and … View Invite. A Discord music bot providing high quality music from YouTube, Radio Stations, Soundcloud, Twitch, Discord.FM and much more or mentioning the bot. GiveawayBot is powered by JDA and JDA-Utilities.. (and other things) This is where the rest of this article comes into play. MEE6 is a 2-year-old Discord bot known for Levels, Auto-moderation, and its' paid music/record features. Bring up this info sheet.!pledges. Late summer change log: XP Boosting is here! Add to Discord Features. Autorole Verification Create reaction roles! To get the id of a message you have to turn on developer mode in discord's appearances settings then right click the message and copy id. lvl rate [rate] [time frame]!lvl rate 5 60: Changes how often you can gain experience. Reaction Roles. The simplest bot to bring reaction roles, custom commands, automod, logging, and more to your Discord server. Multi purpose bot for server management with activity based fishing idle-game/economy + virtual gambling, high-quality nsfw commands, anime & reddit alerts, emotes/interactions and more! !subscribe [channel] Subscribe to one of many channels to receive automated messages (e.g. I am going to give you a pretty large list of commands that you can use with your Discord bots… all of which will help you run things effectively in some way. A Discord bot sits passively in your channel/s until you give it commands to use. Xenon Bot Discord Backups, Templates and More Premium Invite. Click "Add to Discord". Additionally the bot automatically removes the reaction after the user reacts. Backups are used to save the current state of your server including roles, channels, bans and even more with Premium. Usage: Remove RoleMenu Update. Dieser bietet euch einige tolle Features! Über das Dashboard können Twitch– oder YouTube-Kanäle hinzugefügt werden. GiveawayBot. Login. Hold giveaways quickly and easily on your Discord server! The default command prefix is ! Mee6 moderator commands? "Samproof Owner Cuteavalanche "We hold semi-annual charity streams and Botisimo makes it a breeze! Check all commands at our website. This is useful for servers that want a verification reaction: rr drop !rr drop 458641514017587210: Works sort of like rr verify, except it can only remove roles (and roles are removed when the emoji is added). Follow. !unsubscribe [channel] Aethex is intended to be an adaptable, multipurpose Discord bot. We also offer Reddit/Twitch/YouTube notifications, timers, custom commands, and other moderation features. View Invite. Please note that this replaces your current xp. Contents1 MEE6 auf dem Discord einrichten2 Kurze Übersicht der Plug-ins3 Custom Commands – Eigene Befehle einrichten4 Spam und Wörter verbannen – So ist dein Server sauber5 Fazit zum MEE6 Bot Ein Discord Server kann schnell überfordern, vor allem dann, wenn es viele Nutzer auf dem Server gibt. fügt als nächstes den Bot Mee6 hinzu. Join us on the Charlemagne server if you’d like to report a bug, request a command, or just tell us what you think of Charlemagne.. 24/7 discord music bot | Non-stop music in discord, multisource, unlimited video length, radio streams, livestreams and more! Create Backups. Hentai. First, you're going to need to add the MEE6 bot to your Discord server, to do so: Visit The default command prefix for BattleBanana is ! Benefit from Hydra's extensive command list containing unique and feature-rich variations of commands. We plan to launch some neat new features in the … The prefix the bot uses can be changed with the !setcmdkey command (listed in the util section). Aethex has comprehensive moderation commands, utility commands, music commands, and many other fun … Pancake is an easy to use, high-quality, multi-purpose Discord music bot with moderation, fun, and more!

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